This photo series began from my desire of enligting chinese women and to get closer from my origins.

I’m a child of immigrants, I was born and raised in Paris by my mom who is colombian. My biological father is sino american. I’v never been able to be in contact with my Chinese roots. 


Growing up looking as a half Chinese woman in a white majority society that still holds bad habits of internalized and systemic racism was very ambiguous, for a long time the only mirror to my origins was french racism.

Those last years I was able to create and photograph more and more asian women which allowed me to have a clearer view of myself and the position of asian persons in our societies.

Trough this series I want to express the beauty and simplicity of young Chinese women I met in Toronto and Paris.


In the making of this artwork I shared with these women hopes, pieces of our lives, and some knowledge of our cultures. It also gave me a new vision of what is being a child of immigrant/immigrant.

I think it is never too late to reconnect with who we are, I hope through this pictures I will be able to show another view that our societies deeply needs of women and Chinese cultures.




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